Project Description

Jemimah, “Jemma” Wei, born in Singapore, is a writer based in New York City. Jemma focuses her time on writing literary projects; her work has led her to win numerous scholarships, fellowships, and honors. Jemma started her writing career as an advertising copywriter, which lasted three years, then as an onscreen presenter and host for eight years. Currently, Jemma is a columnist at No Contact Magazine and actively working on a novel and three story collections.

Jemma was having trouble with her WordPress website and decided to ask for help on Twitter. Jemma’s blogs and media were transferred over to a clean WordPress installation, and we began working on the design she had in mind and, in less than a week, had her blog back up and running.

A drawn-out web page design jemmawei.comThe front page of
A drawn-out web page design a blog postA drawn-out web page design a blog post